Wills, Living Wills & Lasting Power of Attorney


Our Solicitors are happy to help with any enquiry regarding writing, amending and executing your Will, Living Will and/or LPA. 


Nobody likes to think about the time when we are no longer here or a time where we are incapable of making decisions; H. Vaughan Vaughan & Co can assist with the preparation of your Will and/or setting up a Living Will and Lasting Power of Attorney for these eventualities and help ensure your wishes are met.  

Having a Will makes sure your possessions, investments, property, and savings (your estate) goes to the people and causes you want it to go to. The formalities regarding Wills are quite complex and can be difficult to understand. It is essential that they are correctly worded in order to meet your wishes. We store Wills is a fireproof secure facility and will keep appropriate records surrounding the making of the Will to facilitate the smooth process of inheritance later on.

To ensure that your wishes are carried out should you lose mental capacity a Living Will and a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) can be drawn up. These should be considered at any time of our lives. It is a way of giving someone you trust the legal authority to look after specific aspects of your financial affairs or health and welfare should you lose mental capacity. It’s not just for the elderly; younger people may become incapacitated through accident or illness. A Living Will can ensure that you specify the way your affairs are dealt with and the way that you are looked after.

Thanks to our wealth of knowledge and experience, we have built up an excellent reputation for our work and have the ability to handle all sorts of Wills and LPAs. To find out more or to discuss your requirements in greater detail, please do not hesitate to contact us.